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::. Friday, January 25 .::


Haven't done a new chapter on the Fantasy story since chap 13--about three weeks ago. It seemed so 'hot' in December--but I'm far from the groove now.

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Joined an egroup--excuse me, Yahoo-group that delves into rpg of the 30's and 40's. (And is willing to discuss 20's.)

Interesting concept. Wonder who started it? Have found several interesting links from them already.
But they aren't organized well. The bookmarks section of the group is nearly empty, yet the group seems to have lots of www sites under watch.

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Cold. Bleh. Home. Tired.

Got me last Sunday. Monday's are so necessary to the whole flow of my week--if I don't show up for Monday, I miss the Principal's meeting, the staff meeting, the game plan for the week--so to speak. So of course, I felt good enough to go in Monday. With my trusty box of tissues.

I crumbled by afternoon. Tuesday I just slept.

Wednesday back at work. Not su much better, but rested. Wednesday eve, Anne returned from California. Thursday--almost feeling like I was over the worst. Exhausted again by evening.

If I was good at computers--I'd take time to really figure out code--and do something cool with this page.
As is, I'm bobbing in the surf.
New things over at Meera's--go see--use links--many goodnesses there.

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::. Thursday, January 24 .::

DANGER PATROL Official Website

I also have to say, I was a BIG fan of twisted heroes like the 'Doom Patrol' and such. Not the pretty ones like Superman or Wonder Woman.

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GODLIKE: Welcome to the Super-Age

No. This is not a political game--I think. I have an interest in games that focus the early part of the 20th century--and wandered into a hint on this one.

I need to check it out further.

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::. Wednesday, January 23 .::

Trump is the building block of the Universe.

Meera doesn't say exactly why she thinks so. (Go take a read.) But I'll take another tack and see where I come out.

Trump is the mark of sentience on the Universe. Trump is the final defense against the Dark of the Universe Unmade. When the Universe was created, it was formed of Conditions that were very chancy, somewhat precious, and not entirely unique. Perhaps similar to this fragmentary record.

However, the basic building blocks of the Universe were the survival of things that moved and changed. Life itself. Is Trump Life? Is Trump Destiny (or the purpose of Life)? Mmm. No. I don't think so. But it is something very dear to the concept, very close.

Trump. Preserving an idea. Making a path between Idea and Destiny. Scrying purpose from people or places. Trump is manipulation of Idea. Without sentience, Trump could not exist. And when Trump fails, the higher order of sentience is threatened. When Trump is strong, the Universe is bound tighter to the Tyranny of Destiny that opposes the Unmade.

Every Trump is a piece of a Higher Order of Universe in the making. Perhaps not the universe as it was made, but as it might survive into Eternity.

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::. Sunday, January 20 .::

Turn of a Friendly Die has moved. And yes, I cut my role-playing teeth on DnD as well.

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